Offering beautiful rugs in a variety of pattern and plain styles



    At Herts Flooring and Interiors we want to add more to your home than just high quality flooring, which is why we also offer a number of interiors that can help to enhance your flooring and give a unified décor throughout your home.

    Whatever kind of finishing touches you are looking for, we have a gorgeous collection of beautiful rugs, bespoke blinds and curtains, along with a selection of room accessories that will make wonderful accent pieces to tie the room together.

    Feel free to browse our Hemel Hempstead showroom at your own leisure, or book a consultation with us to discuss your particular needs in more detail. We can help you find the perfect finishing touches for your home or commercial property, creating mood boards and customised interior design solutions to match your colour scheme, décor style and lifestyle. Check out our categories below for more details.







    We have a gorgeous collection of high quality patterned and plain rugs on offer. From contemporary to classic, you are sure to find a stunning rug that will tie the room together and make a wonderful centrepiece.







    Having the right blinds to dress your windows can make a wonderful finishing touch to a room and add the flexibility of adjusting the levels of natural light that filters into the room. At Herts Flooring and Interiors, we can find the perfect style, fabric and design for your blinds to suit your requirements.







    Whether you want to match your curtains to your furniture fabric or have a contrasting colour or pattern, we have a wide range of fabrics to suit every taste. We can make bespoke curtains to frame your windows, big or small and give your room a stunning look.






    Room Accessories

    With interior design it is the smaller details that can have the greatest impact. From mirrors and ornaments to soft furnishings, at Herts Flooring and Interiors we have a gorgeous collection of room accessories to suit every style from traditional to contemporary.

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